Eastern Iowans Sick of Snow

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - After the latest snow storm some Iowans say they are sick of winter.

Julie Schwendinger said, " I am pretty sick of it. Slipping and sliding and afraid you are going to get in an accident. "

It's the same sentiment from delivery driver Mike Green. He says this winter's snow, ice and freezing temps make his job so much harder.

Green said, "You are ready for bed. Or a cold beer. One or the other. "

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation they've spent a little more than 8 million dollars on snow and ice removal this season. That's actually less than an average winter.

Dubuque's Brian Kelley said, "a couple of guys I work with are heading on a cruise to some place warm. I'm jealous because I've got a vacation coming up during the same time they do, and I will be right here. "

While some are searching for a sense of rapture, others understand this is just part of life in Iowa.

Schwendinger said, "if I could be anywhere right now, "I'd still want to be in Dubuque, Iowa. It's my favorite place. "
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