Eastern Iowa Businesses Impacted by GoDaddy.com Outage

By Jillian Petrus, Reporter.

HIAWATHA, Iowa _- GoDaddy.com serves 45 million websites and has a branch in Hiawatha.

Monday morning, a supporter of the internet hacker group - Anonymous - claimed responsibility for shutting down 10 million websites hosted by Go Daddy.

"Being a small business, it really hurts us," said Abby Restko, owner of Glassando in Iowa City. "We do, do a lot of our business online."

This jewelry shop, like millions of other businesses, stared at this same blank page instead of their own company websites for nearly 24 hours.

"A lot of our customers were confused because they use the site not only to order from but to find our directions, phone number and ways to contact," Restko said.

The store typically takes ten online orders a day. They tried to reroute many of their shoppers to Facebook and Ebay to decrease the damage done by the Go Daddy hacker.

At Learning RX in Cedar Rapids, employees lost more than just their website access. They also lost their ability to talk online with clients.

"When our website went down, our email went down, and that takes a hit for us," said Director Courtney Axline. "It's hard to contact families looking for help for their children. "

The educational center said companies can lose potential clients, because of the chaos caused by internet attacks like this. She said it can create new problems for businesses already struggling to stay afloat.

"I guess I really don't understand what the point is," Axline laughed. " What type of feeling they get out of that, because it just hurts small business and business in general. "

Twitter user @AnonymousOwn3r took responsibility for the hack giving little justification for shutting down so many sites.

GoDaddy.com has posted a notice on its homepage assuring users no sensitive information, credit card numbers, bank accounts or passwords were leaked as a result of the internet chaos.
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