Dubuque's Medical Associates Gives $150,000 to High Schools

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - A Dubuque company is taking a new approach to make sure it has enough health care workers in the future.

The Bureau of Labor statistics predicts the health care sector will add five million jobs by 2022 to help deal with an aging population.That's nearly a third of all projected job growth in that time. Of the 30 fastest growing jobs, 14 are in health care.That will mean a need for trained workers.

Dubuque Senior High School student Kayla Donovan spends one of her class periods listening for the sound of her classmate's blood pressure.

Donovan said, "I want to do something in the medical field. I know that. I just don't know what. But I love clinicals. They are really really fun. "

Another thing she's listening for is information about which careers promise jobs after college.

"There's jobs everywhere," she said.

The class she's in is part of Dubuque School's Career and Technical program.Students in the C.N.A. class earn both high school and college credits, at no extra cost.

Donovan and her classmates will leave this class with their Certified Nurses Aid certificate

Dubuque Schools Coorinator for Career and Technical Curriculum, Boyd Card said, "There will be more tools that they'll be able to work with for kids to prepare to be better C.N.A s. And hopefully they'll stay right here in our community. "

The program just got a huge boost thanks to veteran Doctor Mark Runde, M.D. and his colleges. Medical Associates Clinic announced they're giving $50,000 to each of Dubuque's three high schools.

Dr. Runde said, "we think we are going to be in a situation, medically, where we need more help. Where we will need more providers. We will need more nurse practitioners, nurses, doctors, all of the above. "

As Runde and many of his colleges move towards retirement, he wants to make sure his patients will be taken care of.

"Uur fear would be that you'd have to travel for health care. We think health care is best delivered locally, " said Runde.

As for Donovan, she can't guaruntee where she'll end up after college, but she's certain she wants to help the people who need her.
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