Dubuquers Join National Effort Calling for President Obama's Impeachment

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

If you noticed people holding up signs in your community on Tuesday holding signs that said, "Impeach Obama" you weren't alone. It's part of a nationwide effort happening in cities across the country.

Picketers are holding up signs on over-passes like the on Highway 20 in Dubuque.

One local organizer says President Obama should be impeached because before he was elected he promised to cut the national debt.
Instead, the organizer says he's added $6 trillion dollars to that debt.

Local Organizer Monty Alexander said, "I am hoping there's not 3 more years to be honest with you. I honestly hope that (President Obama) will step up and be a man and resign from his position as President of the United States of America because he hasn't followed through with what he said he'd do. So that's what needs to happen. "

The organization of this overpass picketing began on Facebook.
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