Dubuque Schools Practice Safety After Connecticut Shooting

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Parents hugged their children a little tighter today as they picked them up from school. They know that some parents won't get to hug their children ever again.

"I assume this is a safe place. That they're going to be OK when they leave the house. I guess that's not an assumption I should have anymore," Chrissy Besler, parent, said.

Dubuque Community School District Superintendent Stan Rhenigans said Dubuque Schools have a system in place to keep teachers and students safe.

"You send you're most valuable possession to us everyday, in your sons and your daughters and we take that responsibility seriously.," Rhenigans said.

All doors at all Dubuque schools are locked and visitors have to be buzzed in, Rhenigans said. Also, once the visitor gets in the school, they have to stop by the front office and get a bright-colored name badge that they wear all day.

He said all of this is in place so that students and parents can sleep safe knowing measures are in place to prevent something like the tragedy that killed 27 people in Connecticut on Friday.
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