Dubuque Police to Crack Down on Excessive Partying

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Dubuque police will spend the next couple months cracking down on loud and wild parties. Police said it's an effort to curb underage drinking in Dubuque.

Numbers from the Iowa Department of Public Heath show, of all 99 counties in Iowa, Dubuque County is tied for 3rd when it comes to having issues with underage drinking.

Lt. Scott Baxter said, "We see an increase or an up tick when the weather starts getting warmer and that coincides with graduation."

During the next several weeks police plan to crack down on gatherings that promote social disorder.

Baxter said, "The officers will be looking for loud groups. Fighting, loud music, excessive alcohol consumption. Underage alcohol consumption. "

As in most communities, Baxter agrees underage drinking is a big problem in Dubuque. That's a problem, Helping Services of Northeast Iowa, wants to eliminate.

Helping Services of Northeast Iowa's Jessica Fino said, "Going out one night and drinking one night, you can lose your dream job. If you get in trouble with police they can see that on your record. They can see that on your Facebook."

Fino said, "If someone starts drinking before they are of age. It's 5 times more like to become an alcoholic. So obviously it's a huge deal about what we need to do it now. "
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