Dubuque Orthoptist Returns to Her Roots

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Much like the saying "the student becomes the master" so is a former patient at Medical Associates Clinic in Dubuque.

When Cheyanne Lester was in second grade, doctors at Medical Associates treated her for a lazy eye.Lester had to wear an eye patch to help strengthen it. Now, years later, she's a certified Orthoptist at that same clinic, treating patients for the same ailments she had.

"It's really good to relate to the kids and the parents. Knowing I went through the same thing. I can can tell them, 'I know patches are hard' but it's worth it in the long run," Cheyanne Lester C.O. of Medical Associates said.

Lester recently completed her national board exams, where she earned the highest score in the nation.
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