Dubuque Man Plans to Run Until He Drops

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Avid long distance runner 41-year-old Josh Miller is training for what's sure to be the longest run of his life.

Miller came up with the idea to run until he collapses. The run is a fundraiser for Hillcrest Family Services in Dubuque. On Friday May 3, he'll start at Flora Park and hit the streets. He says he will not stop until his body finds its own finish line.

Miller says he's been given a unique gift. Soon, he'll test his ability to run for hours.

A few years ago, Miller started running marathons. When that got boring, he started running 50 mile races. Then 100 miles. Then 150 miles.

Miller said, "Those races are all challenging but there's always an end point. What I thought would be interesting would be fun for me to designate my own end point. "

Miller expects the hardest part will be over night when not even his shadow keeps him company.

"It's neat to see the sunset and then also see the sunrise," said Miller.

Miller says he'd love to be able to run all the way through Sunday morning. He says what will ultimately bring him to his knees is anyone's guess.

Miller said, "What that's going to to maybe is be a pain that I can't take anymore or maybe sleep deprivation will set in. Maybe digestion."
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