Dubuque Launches Smarter Health & Wellness Project

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Dubuque is looking for volunteers for it's new Smarter Health program. The city wants to keep track of how often and where people are getting exercise.

The Smarter Sustainable Dubuque program started in 2006. It aims to give residents information on how to use technology to make more sustainable choices. That's things like how to manage water and electricity, but now they're using that technology to help improve people's health.

It's all happening in the palm of your hand through an app. Any adult who lives in Dubuque can volunteer for the Smarter Health and Wellness program through your Android smartphone.

"Basically it's an app that will work on a smart phone that will help a person track their daily activity," Dubuque Public Health Specialist Mary Rose Corrigan said.

A sensor sends a message to the city, when a participant is sitting still and when he or she is moving around.

"It will be able to tell if you're traveling by car or walking or perhaps doing some other activities," said Corrigan,

The city hopes to collect data from as many volunteers as possible. They'll use the info to make some community wide changes, so people have better access to the things they need to stay healthy. The app also gives volunteers some feedback.

It is only available on Android smartphones and not the iPhone.
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