Dubuque Crews Place Pedestrian Bridge Over Highway 52

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa — Crews from the Dubuque County Conservation Department installed a pedestrian bridge over Highway 52 just north of Dubuque. That bridge now connects the Heritage Trail with the bike trail that runs through the city of Dubuque.

With almost 70,000 miles logged on his bike, Mike Hogan does a lot of his getting around on two wheels.

Hogan said, "it's the safety factor to get from down by Sacred Heart or wherever they park out to the trail without worrying about semis or cars. Otherwise to ride the road is not safe. "

With the bridge, bikers like Hogan will instead be able to go up and over Highway 52.

Dubuque County Conservation Director Brian Preston said, "you'll be able to bike from the Mississippi River Museum all the way out to Dyersville and hopefully the Field of Dreams in the next year or two. "

An Department of Trasportation grant funded most of the $1.6 million project. The bridge itself is made of weathering steel.

Preston said, "the bridge is designed to rust to a nice brown color and then stay that way. It will greatly reduce the maintenance costs over the years because it won't need to be repainted."

Preston says the bridge also welcomes visitors from the north.

"When people drive in the first thing they are going to see is a recreation trail and they will know Dubuque has a huge commitment to getting people outdoors, " said Preston.

Preston expects work to be complete in early May.
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