Dubuque Airport Teams up with First Responders for Emergency Drill

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Emergency crews responded to the Dubuque Regional Airport Tuesday night for reports of a plane crash. But it was only a drill.
The F.A.A requires all airports to practice those drills once every three years.

Like any emergency, the call goes out and paramedics quickly respond.

Dubuque Airport Director Robert Grierson said, "it could be an in flight emergency. It could be an emergency landing. It could be an accident with injuries. "

During Tuesday's drill, a charter bus acts as a plane that crashed on the runway. Crews assess the situation and respond to dozens of injured passengers.

Grierson said, "this is a requirement that all commercial service airports do. But we take a step out of our normal realm. We don't try to do this ourselves."

Directors say they use this required drill as a way to practice working with nearby hospitals and police and fire departments.

"if you're dealing with a local Fire Department from Key West, how often do they deal with airport issues? Pretty rarely. So it's a time to try out our radio systems," said Grierson.
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