Dubuque Humane Society Nurses Neglected Dog Back to Health

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - On March 10th, someone left a very thin German Short Hair Pointer named Sheldon at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society. Staff members say it was obvious Sheldon was neglected and his owners hadn't fed him. He weighed only about 30 pounds when someone dropped him off. But the Humane Society nursed him back to health.

Dr. Naomi Sprank D.V.M. said, " Since we don't know where he came from, he needs someone that's going to visit with him and make sure he gets along with all members of the family. But I think he is going to make anybody a really great dog. "

April is National Animal Cruelty Prevention Month. That's why the staff at the shelter want to make people aware of Sheldon's story.

For more information about Sheldon, contact the Dubuque Humane Society.
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