Drug Recovery Center Receives Generous Thank You Donation

WATERLOO, Iowa - A generous gift from a mystery donor has a Waterloo drug recovery center very grateful. Last week a woman dropped off $7,000 in cash at Pathways' Junkman/Knoebel Center.

Workers with Pathways say a woman walked into the center and left a bag. Before leaving she said "This is a gift from a friend who's son you helped immensely." The woman would not leave her name, or the name of the gift-giver. After she left house managers opened the package to discover thousands of dollars in cash. Now the organization just wants to say thank you.

"We change lives over there, but we don't hear about it all that often. And to know that there's a family member out there that appreciated what we did so much that we're just very pleased to get such a gift," Pathways Executive Director Chris Hoffman said.

Pathways' Junkman/Knoebel Center is a 25 bed transitional housing project that offers mental health and substance abuse counseling for recovering addicts. The center runs off resident fees and donations.
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