Decorah Doctor Delivers Baby in His Own Home

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DECORAH, Iowa - Delivering a baby may not seem like an unusual task for a doctor, but when it's your own child in your own house ... it's anything but usual.

"My wife Kelly woke me up around 5;30 in the morning and said,'I'm just having some mild contractions', We didn't know if this was really it." What Doctor Tony Coppola didn't know is that his wife was already in active labor.

Tony wanted to head to hospital but his wife, Kelly, could barely move. The family lives on the extreme outskirts of Decorah, so they called 911 for help.

"It became apparent just talking to the dispatcher that the ambulance wasn't going to make it," Tony said.

A few minutes later, baby Nina arrived.

The family practice physician delivered babies while in residency. But a home delivery was a first. "It was such a different experience since it was my wife and didn't have nurses around, didn't have the same tools," said Tony.

There were no tools used, no epidural was given .... for that, Tony said Kelly is the real hero.
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