Davenport School District Turns to Facebook to Prevent Dropouts


DAVENPORT, Iowa— The Davenport Community School District is using Facebook to connect with students that have dropped out or are thinking about dropping out.

Family Support Liaison, Darryl Cross has made a Facebook page called "Why Did You Drop Out?" He says the page is to help the district and the students find common ground.

"It's pretty much a drop box that allows drops out or people that are considering dropping out to be able to just get their concerns heard by those that need to hear it," Cross says.

Cross says they are looking for the best way to combat drop-outs. "We want to find out specific things that the school can do to reengage [the students]."

The district will still mail letters and make phone calls to dropouts but Facebook will just be used as an addition avenue of communication.

To visit the Facebook page click here
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