DOT Stats: Iowans Speed But Not Very Much

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Iowans have lead feet but not drivers race down state highways and interstates.

That's according to data obtained by the Des Moines Register from Iowa Department of Transportation monitoring devices on highways across the state. Those monitors record the speeds of traffic passing by.

55 mph zones had the most speeders, with 85% of vehicles going over 55 mph. But Iowans don't go much faster. Only 20% of vehicles in 55 mph zones went 65 mph or faster.

In 65 mph zones, the number of speeders dropped to 77% of all traffic. The number going 10 mph over the speed limit fell to just 9%.

At 70 mph, even fewer Iowans speed, just 68% of drivers. Only 6% went 80 mph or faster.

In all three speed zones, only 1% or fewer cars went 20 mph over the speed limit or faster.
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