CDC Ties Salmonella Outbreak to Poultry Hatchery

ATLANTA, Georgia - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a national outbreak of salmonella is linked to an eastern New Mexico hatchery.

CDC officials say the hatchery sells live baby poultry by mail and supplies them to feed stores.

The strain has infected more than 300 people in 37 states, including seven here in Iowa.

Authorities have not reported any deaths, but say 51 people have been hospitalized.

Children ages 10 and younger account for nearly 60 percent of those who've become ill.

"A lot of these cases, the parents bought these young baby poultry at the feed store and allowed them to run around on the kitchen floor along with the children," said Dr. Paul Ettestad of the New Mexico Department of Health.

Ettestad says people buy baby poultry such as chicks and ducks to keep as pets and to raise for eggs or meat.

The hatchery says it's cooperating with health officials.
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