New Laser Allergy Treatment Could Replace OTC Medications

By Heather Hubbs, Reporter

HIAWATHA, Iowa - Runny nose, watery eyes, all signs allergy season is underway in the Midwest. There is a new kind of treatment available for allergy sufferers that could replace all those over the counter drugs in the medicine cabinet.

This new treatment doesn't require taking a single pill, instead it's a laser treatment. There are only 2 of these machines in the state of Iowa a handful in the U-S. And rather than just treating the symptoms, it aims to restore the entire body.

Seasonal Allergies caused Carrie Callan to have debilitating migraines, weekly, for years.

"I was down and out I was throwing up blacking out," said Callen.

Typical allergy and migraine treatments simply weren't doing the trick.

"I pretty much tried every FDA approved drug," said Callen

Finally Carrie got sick of being sick, so she came to the Wholistic Wellness Clinic, where she discovered their laser allergy treatment.

"What we do is instead of trying to put the fire out, we're trying to rebuild the body. When you do get into those things we try to desensitize you so you can handle whatever that is," said Dr. Terri Cooper, Owner of Wholistic Wellness Clinic.

According to Dr. Terri Cooper allergies are like the one person in the choir that is singing out of tune and it makes everything sound bad or in the case of allergies makes your body feel bad. The laser machine helps get your body in tune.

"The laser treatment has a combination of bio feedback that many people have heard about and laser acupuncture which is the newer thing people don't know about. We combine those two things and are able to test over 100-thousand different sensitivities in the body to determine what your problem is and we're able to help fix you," said Cooper.

Carrie has now gone from having five migraines a month to just five a year, she says it changed her life.

"I have time with my kids, I'm better at work, I have my life back again," said Callen.

The machine is designed for 13 sessions however Dr. Cooper says some people have needed as little as three to treat their problem.
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