Evelyn Miller Murder: Five Years Later

By Mark Geary, Reporter

FLOYD COUNTY – Evelyn Miller disappeared from her family’s Floyd County home in July of 2005. Days later, a kayaker found the five-year-old girl’s body in the Cedar River near Charles City. The search for Miller still haunts the tiny northeast Iowa town of Floyd.

“They had people from all over. They brought horses and motorcycles and they walked the fields,” Juanita Quinby said. “I think they know who did it, but they probably just don’t have the proof.”

Robert Picken said, “I think they’ll solve it eventually. I really do.”

Picken watched the search unfold from his house across the street from the Community Center. “I remember they had a command post right behind my house where the FBI was questioning people,” he said.

Now, a stone angel resting in the nearby park serves as the only visible reminder of the tragic murder.

“You see a lot of people stopping and looking at it,” Picken said.

The Search for Evelyn - July 3, 2005

“We don’t let that give us a bump in the road or make us stumble. We keep going forward.”

Over the past five years, three different investigators have managed the case along with three different county attorneys.

“We don’t let that give us a bump in the road or make us stumble. We keep going forward,” Floyd County Sheriff Rick Lynch said. Sheriff Lynch insists the case remains open and active. “As long as as I’m the sheriff, this will never be a cold case,” he said.

”We’re continually going forward. We’re optimistic. We’re hopeful that we’re going to file charges,” Lynch said.

“Knowing who did it and proving who did it are two different things.”

Lynch and other key investigators have released little or no new information for years, but they stress that the killer will face a jury in this courthouse someday.

“Knowing who did it and proving who did it are two different things,” Lynch said.

Although the public may not see much progress, investigators say they still get new leads and have built a strong case that will one day lead to a conviction.

Last year, Sheriff Lynch said new technology could help solve the case. On Thursday, he told KCRG-TV9 that new technology had helped the investigation move forward, but he would not explain how.

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