IOWA COUNTY - A Victor man murdered a little over two weeks ago at the westbound I-80 rest area was apparently shot in his groin area, according to the 911 tape released by the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday. (Listen to the 911 call)

Darrell Rustad, a Wisconsin truck driver and the 911 caller on May 29, told the dispatcher on the tape that there was a man who had fallen inside the men’s bathroom.

Rustad told reporters the next day he found the man about 7:45 p.m.

“He’s bleeding and hurt pretty bad,” Rustad said during the call.

Rustad described the man, later identified as Jeffery McAdam, 46, as being a man in his 50s. The man was lying by one of the urinal, which had been partly tipped over, he said.

“He’s making a gurgling-like sound,” Rustad said. “Can he talk,” the dispatcher asked. “Is he breathing?”

The dispatcher asked if Rustad knew how to do CPR but he went back inside the restroom to confirm if he was breathing. Rustad said he was breathing and was “hacking and coughing” but unconscious. He then said blood was coming from his groin area.

Iowa County Sheriff Robert Rotter said last week McAdam suffered one gunshot wound but wouldn’t say where it was located.

The dispatcher told him a deputy and medical personnel were on their way.

Peter Riggs, 31, of Columbus, Neb., is charged with first-degree murder in McAdam’s death.

Riggs was apprehended about three hours after McAdam was found when he turned himself in to a deputy who was helping a motorist near the Johnson-Cedar county line. Riggs informed him he had guns in his car and loaded 9 mm Ruger handgun was found inside a cooler in the front passenger area.

Rotter also said it didn’t appear as Riggs was driving anywhere in particular, he was “just simply driving.”

Rotter hasn’t released much information in the case. He did say Tuesday that it seems McAdam was shot without provocation.

“McAdam was never able to speak to anyone that we know of,” Rotter said. “There’s no information to support any kind of altercation between the two.”

Rotter said that probably sounds unusual but murder is senseless and this case is the “superlative illustration of senseless. The Victor community had lost a good and decent man and there is simply no reason for it.”
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