Meteor Shower to Dazzle Eastern Iowa's Skies

CEDAR RAPIDS - The Perseids meteor shower can be viewed tonight as soon as it begins to get dark (after about 10pm for most of us) looking off towards the Northeast, or East skies near the constellation Perseus. If you are in an urban area, with lots of city lights around, it would be a good idea to leave the city lights and view the meteor shower from a different area in an effort to be around a darker sky.

The meteor shower will be visible to the naked eye beginning after 10pm and lasting through the overnight hours. The peak of the shower comes at 2:00 am at which the meteor frequency may be as high as one meteor per minute! These "shooting stars" look to last throughout the night until the sun comes up Monday morning.

The latest forecast is for partly cloudy skies to encroach from the west, however at this time it doesn't appear this should completely block the meteor shower.
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