Neighbor Uses Garden Hose to Save House from Fire

CEDAR RAPIDS - After hearing an explosion four houses down the block, one Wolf Drive neighbor took matters into his own hands and stopped a dumpster-fire from turning into a house fire at around 4:50 p.m. Wednesday.

Cedar Rapids Fire Battalion Chief Bran Brenneman said that by the time fire crews arrived to the residence at 1025 Wolf Drive NW, a neighbor had hooked up a garden hose and was dousing the garage to prevent the fire from spreading.

Hashem Juber, 32, was in the backyard when he heard what he says sounded like an aerosol can exploding. By the time he stepped into his front yard, Juber said the large dumpster was spewing smoke and flames that were licking at the exterior of the empty home's garage.

He handed his neighbor, who was unreachable for comment, his hose-head and the neighbor went and staved off the fire from spreading, saving the house, and saving Cedar Rapids fire fighters from a night of work.

Chief Brenneman said that the cause of the fire is under investigation and that the actions of the neighbor and his garden hose are "not advisable" in the event of a fire.
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