Bob L. Head to be a Bobblehead?

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

MAQUOKETA - What's in a name? Apparently a lot for one Maquoketa man.

Meet "bobblehead". OK, slow that down. Meet Bob L. Head. He's a retired car salesman and now a Catholic deacon.

Little did he know his name would make him kind of famous.

Head said, "Bobblehead never really occurred to me, most people who call me Bob probably don't realize that 'L' is what my middle initial is."

"L" as in Leroy. A name that makes him a candidate for the Portland Beavers' AAA baseball team's bobblehead contest.

The team is searching the country for people with that name. They want to create a doll in the image of someone who is actually named Bob L. Head.

Head said, "We got the doll in the mail, which would have been in the middle of March. We really thought it was a joke."

But it's no joke. And if this Bob wins he'll be the next bobblehead doll, and get to throw the first pitch during a Beavers' game in Portland.
In Maquoketa everyone is talking about Bob Head and the contest.

His friends at Osterhaus Pharmacy describe Bob as a "super citizen."

Bob Osterhaus said, "It's been the talk of coffee and over at church. It was in our parish bulletin."

You can bet this Bob L. Head is having fun with the situation.
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