Witnesses Testify, Two-Year-Old's Personality Changed Before Death

The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS - Witnesses testified Thursday the personality of 2-year-old Skylar Inman changed a few weeks before her death, and she seemed scared of her mother's boyfriend, Lee Muldoon.

Testimony of four possible state witnesses was presented in a hearing Thursday to determine if they will be admissible in the Oct. 5, first-degree murder trial of Muldoon, 24, of Coggon.

Sixth Judicial District Judge Marsha Bergan didn't make a ruling on Thursday. She will make a written ruling.

Karissa Inman, 21, of Peoria, Ill., sister of Bobby Inman, Skylar's father, testified Skylar acted differently on her last visit with her family in Peoria, a few weeks before she was killed. Skylar, who was potty trained, refused to go to the bathroom and wet the bed every night and had accidents throughout the day.

Inman said she became upset and cried when she attempted to take Skylar to the bathroom and when she attempted to give her a bath, which she normally enjoyed.

Skylar also became "whiny and would "cling to her."

Alicia Huenefeld, of Ely, step-sister of Skylar's mother Brianna Volesky, said she saw a large bruise on Skylar's pelvis a few weeks before her death. It was size of a man's fist. When asked if her mom hit her or Muldoon hit her, she finally said Muldoon hit her, Huenefeld said.

Muldoon is accused of killing Skylar, who died from blunt force injuries, July 11, 2008 at his and Volesky's Coggon home. Muldoon also faces a child endangerment causing death charge and Volesky, 19, is charged with child endangerment causing death and will stand trial Oct. 19.
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