Father Alleges Johnson County Deputy 'Broke My Son's Arm'

By Josh Hinkle, Reporter

OXFORD - The school day on Friday at Clear Creek Elementary in Oxford started with a phone call to the sheriff's department for help with one of the students. It ended with an 8-year-old in the hospital and a father searching for answers.

Joe Lundgren says he received a call from the school, saying his son, Drayven, was involved in some type of altercation.

"When I got here, my son was on the floor crying, hysterical that his arm hurt. He couldn't move it."

Lundgren says he was surprised to see a Johnson County Sheriff's deputy there with his son.

"I asked how he was restrained. The cop said that he restrained my son, putting his arm behind his back and slamming him into a wall."

He took his son to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, only to find out Drayven had a broken arm.

The Chief Deputy at the Johnson County Sheriff's Department told TV9 he's dealing with an internal investigation into the matter. The boy's parents have accused one of the deputies of using excessive force against their child.

Lundgren says, "He's eight years old, 55 pounds. It's a full grown man. He's not being arrested, detained."

The school superintendent told TV9 she's afraid the incident might cast Clear Creek in a negative light, but that any need for extreme discipline is rare.

Lundgren says his son does suffer from ADD, among other health-related issues, that caused behavior problems in the past.

He says, "It still doesn't excuse the fact that a full grown man put his hands on my son, slammed him into the wall and broke his arm."

Lundgren has sought the help of a lawyer and plans to transfer Drayven to another school as soon as possible.

The school superintendent also told TV9 the matter did not involved any school staff members.

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