New Details in a Wisconsin Grave Robbery Case

Digging up a grave, with the intent to have sex with a corpse? Wisconsin investigators continue to unravel this seemingly unreal case. This small community is in shock today. People here say they can't believe something like this could happen so close to home. Some even say they can't understand how something this disturbing could happen anywhere.
Barb Mason a friend of the Tennesen family said," I can't imagine, I can't believe how this would happen."
Word of the alleged plot is spreading fast. Mason said, "People are in shock, things like this just don't happen in a small town."
Pam Mergan works at Saint Charles Parish in Cassville. Mergan said, "it's sick and sad how someone could do that." People are having a hard time believing what they've heard. And they're also concerned for the Tennesen family, losing Laura in a motorcycle accident less than two weeks ago and another child too.
Mason said, "They lost a son ten years ago so this is just one more thing."
Mergan said, "My heart goes out to them, I can't imagine what they're going through, just thinking of my own kids."
Mason, Laura's former teacher, says she was well-known and well-liked in Cassville. Mason said, "Laura was an excellent student, beautiful girl."
A preliminary hearing for the three men is set for September 15th in Lancaster. We checked the backgrounds of the three men involved. Court records show twin brothers Alex and Nicholas Grunke have each been in court for underage drinking. Dustin Radke has a more extensive record. He's been charged with theft and battery and was also charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer.
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