Evelyn Miller Murder Investigation - One Year Later

By Mark Geary, Reporter

FLOYD COUNTY -- Nearly one year later, the hunt for Evelyn Miller's killer remains a priority for law enforcement.

The five-year-old Floyd County girl disappeared on July 1, 2005.

A kayaker found her body days later around the Cedar River. Tuesday, key investigators spoke about the case. Investigators say they're getting closer to solving the case, but they're still not ready to make an arrest.

Since the beginning, authorities have kept quiet about the murder investigation. Today, Floyd County Attorney Marilyn Dettmer continues to protect key details about the case.

Noel Miller, Evelyn's mother, told TV9 she now supports law enforcement's work to solve the murder.

"I think they've done a great job about doing it, and I think at the beginning I was just panicking and stressed out, so it caused me to be distraught. Who wouldn't be distraught in this situation?" Miller said.

Miller thinks about her daughter everyday, and she smiles when she talks about her little girl.

"We'd always be like, 'If we can't do it, Evey can.' It was just so great. She was just so lively and well and caring," Miller said.

Investigators have not ruled out any suspects. Leads and tips keep the case moving forward.

"Sometimes citizens or the media ask me if this investigation is dead, or considered a cold case. Nothing could be further from the truth. This investigation has been and remains very active," Floyd County Attorney Marilyn Dettmer said.

Prosecutors are not sure when they'll solve this case. But, they're confident that day will come.

Evelyn's mother shares this belief. She wears a locket filled with Evelyn's ashes to keep her daughter close to her heart.

"I keep her memory alive. I keep holding onto my locket, and know that her memory is here with me always," Miller said.

Miller says she is still trying to regain custody of her other two children. She has also broken off her engagement with Casey Frederiksen, Evelyn's stepfather.

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