Burlington St. Signals Working Again

By: Steve Nicoles, Reporter

IOWA CITY - When the tornado hit town last week, it took down traffic lights on one of Iowa City's busiest streets. The city had to saw off a traffic signal at the intersection of Burlington Street and Dubuque Street. Burlington had four intersections with no working traffic signals, causing a lot of traffic tie-ups. But six days after the tornado, traffic on Burlington is moving better.

For the last week, people could see cars backed up for several blocks as state troopers directed traffic. City leaders said that would end by Wednesday night. All four intersections would be finished by then.

Those signals will make the commute easier, but the debris on the ground is still causing problems. Tire shops like Goodyear have been slammed since Friday because cars drive over debris like shattered glass, wood and nails. Troy Anderson of Goodyear said, "A lot of roofing nails. And a lot of tires get multiple holes. Lot of stuff that's destroyed, basically there's a lot of wood and a lot of other debris on the roads that's destroying tires, and cars as well."

On Friday morning, the Goodyear on Kirkwood worked on three times as many cars as a normal business day. Iowa City is bringing in a street sweeper with a powerful vacuum to suck up the loose glass and nails. It should be in town by the weekend.
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