Dubuque Nears Snowfall Record

by Katie Wiedemann

Dubuque- In Dubuque the snow has been falling off and on all day.
Now that community is inches away at breaking the snowfall record for the season.
the buzz around town is will it or won't it be a record-breaking winter.
You may have thought the winter weather was over, but obviously its not. With this very snowy winter we are getting close to breaking the record. The previous record was 75 point seven. So far this year, we've already seen 71 point eight inches. Now after today we've had about a half inch of snow which means we've got a ways to go before breaking the record. But some people say we have already suffered enough we might was well go ahead and break it.

Emily Cain of Dubuque said, "I'm kind of excited, kind of sick of it."

Cain's mixed emotions pretty much sum up how a lot of people feel about snow in late March.

Linda Hatcher of Dubuque said, "We might make headline news or national news that we're breaking records in Dubuque, Iowa but that's not the kind of news I want."
Betty of Dubuque said, "I hope this is the end of it, because we all want to get out and do our thing."

But being so close, some say this should be one for the record books.

Marissa Davis said, "Might as well it's here and it's still snowing so we might as well, shoot!"

Crystal Davis said, "We actually lived through it, that is something that happened in our lifetime."

Inside where it's warm and dry, Screen Printer Tom Rauen is ready for customers who want to sport the bragging rights.
Rauen said, "Some people want to be wearing shirts that say "I survived the winter" or something to do with snowfall."

When you take a look around, it still looks pretty green, that's because a lot of this snow is not accumulating. And that's what really counts when we are talking about snowfall records.
But just in case Tom made one shirt that says "I survived the snowiest winter in Dubuque"
Now whether or not he'll have to make more shirts like this, remains to be seen.
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