DNA Analyst Testifies in Kyle Marin Double Murder Trial

By Dave Franzman, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS - Lab testimony on Monday morning wrapped up the state's case in the Kyle Marin double murder trial.

Marin is accused of beating and stabbing two 18-year-old cousins in April of 2006. Molly Edmondson and Katrina Hill died from a combination of head injuries, stab wounds to vital organs and a loss of blood.

A DNA analyst with State Division of Criminal Investigation matched a number of items to Kyle Marin and the two victims.

Marin's attorneys admitted in opening statements that the defendant killed the two teenagers. The defense is based on proving Marin was insane at the time or had a diminished responsibility due to mental issues and medications.

But prosecutors must still prove Marin was in the apartment and killed the two victims. A number of items were found in the apartment including broken knife blades, a hammer and clothing with blood stains.

The DCI specialist says a number of items had DNA that matched either victims Katrina Hill, Molly Edmonson or or Kyle Marin. Some items had a mixture of blood that could be a reliably traced to Marin and one of the victims..

The lab technician was the final witness for the prosecution. The state rested its case just before 11:30 Monday morning. The defense plans to call two witnesses Monday afternoon. The trial will not be in session Tuesday due to scheduling issues.

The key medical expert witnesses for the defense are expected to take the stand Wednesday.
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