ISU Extension: Healthy Holiday Appetizers

The holiday season is upon us, which means ample opportunities to snack and provide snacks. It is easy to consume over 1,000 calories in appetizers, and that is before you have even begun your meal! Tortilla wrap ups are easy and the kids can help as well! Tasks appropriate for children include washing produce, spreading condiments, and measuring ingredients.

Tortilla wrap-ups:

• Choose whole grain item for additional fiber and B vitamins
Whole grain tortilla
Whole grain pita bread

• Look for low-fat or reduced fat
Low-fat salad dressing
Low-fat cottage cheese
Low-fat cream cheese

• Chopped vegetables
Bell peppers

• Make sure food items are handled safely:
Wash hands
Place on ice bath while sitting out
Put into refrigerator promptly – do not let items sit out for more than 2 hours
Make sure your refrigerator is 40F or below

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