Bill Pertaining to EpiPens Still in the Works

By Brady Smith, Anchor/Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - In its current form, the bill (HF 551) would make a stock EpiPen available in every school building, in case of emergency anaphylactic - or allergic - reactions.

"Sometimes you have somebody with a new onset of an anaphylactic reaction that you weren't prepared for and you don't have any medication for," Sharon Guthrie, executive director of the Iowa School Nurse Organization, said.

Guthrie said the current bill is also flawed, because some of its language conflicts with rules set forth by other state regulatory bodies.

"Whether it's the Board of Pharmacy, the Board of Medicine, the Board of Nursing, we need to make sure that the legislative language is in congruence with all of those boards," Guthrie explained.

For example, rules that require a relationship between prescriber and prescription holder.

"The Board of Pharmacy would say that you need to have the prescriber, because this is a prescriptive medication, the prescriber would need to have an established relationship with the recipient of the medication. And if you just have stock Epi, there's not necessarily any relationship established between that prescriber and the recipient," Guthrie said.

She said the bill would need to include an exemption for such a rule. She said it also doesn't take into consideration the training that would be needed for someone to administer an EpiPen, should a school nurse not be present.

"There's not a nurse in every building every day, all day," Guthrie said.
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