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Transcript from Online Chat: The Martin Family on Autism

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On Monday, February 18th hosted a live chat with Chris and Dawn Martin. Thanks to all who participated. Below is the transcript from that chat.

Who are the Martin's?
Hello from Dawn & Chris.  We have three wonderful boys:  Dylan is 16, a great teenager, student and athlete.  He is an awesome big brother!  Colby is 6 (going on 16), and he is a very social Kindergartener.  He loves to play with his brothers.  Ethan is almost 5, and he was diagnosed with ASD.  He is becoming more and more social every day, and he is beginning to be very playful with his brothers.  We are in the early stages of learning whatever we can about autism, and we hope to someday make some sort of contribution "For the Kids" of Autism. | | |

Please note, the following represents personal experiences from the Martin family. The views do not necessarily represent the views of KCRG-TV9. Any decision about medical care should involve a conversation between you and your doctor.

BeckyO(Q)  How should I start researching?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We first started with the Unlocking Autism website and had several personal phone calls with Nancy Cale. She referred us to a DAN doctor, however, we did not choose that particular doctor. We did some additional research and chose one that was more suitable for us.

vicki(Q)  my son is now 11 years old and has been on the gluten and casien free diet since he was 3 years old. I just wanted to let you know that you are on the right track. We saw a great difference in our son once we started the diet. 

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Thanks for the reassurance. Have you visited any DAN doctors? We believe this is key. 

Tracey(Q)  Is there a DAN doctor anywhere in Iowa?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  There are DAN doctors that are not MD's. Some are chiropractic and other professions, but there is not one that studies internal medicine in Iowa that we're aware of. We've talked to several people who follow the DAN protocol, however, we found a medical doctor in St. Louis that specializes in Autism and also has two children that are autistic. She is very up on the biomedical treatment. 

slaydoc(Q)  How much do you blame the vaccinations for your childs autism?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  I believe that we are not allowing our kids when born to let their immune systems develop enough before the vaccines are introduced. Through years of environmental disruption through the mother, a good book that backs up this theory is "Changing the Course of Autism" by Brian Jepson. There is a lot of documentation out there that indicates this is a valid contribution. Our son was also on a lot of antibiotics and received the flu shots at an early age. 

Donna(Q)  What is the concept behind the need for special diet?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Autistic children often have yeast build up. Through the gluten free and casein free diet, it helps control the yeast build up and helps proper nutrition to be introduced into the bloodstream through the GI tract. 

Connie(Q)  Hi Chris and Dawn,

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Hi Connie - we can't believe all the questions we're getting! 

Jan(Q)  Where is you go for diagonsis of your son's autism

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We went to the University of Iowa - Center for Disabilities and Development. 

Dad_of_Chase(Q)  Do you also use "traditional" treatments such as medication for behavioral problems?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  No, we believe through our research that if we can clear up the gut and clear out the toxic metals, Ethan's system will come back in line. 

Matthew_and_Rachele(Q)  What is the doctor's name?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Dr. Amy Davis, Crossing Back to Health, Chesterfield, MO 

Tracey(Q)  Do you mind giving names and contact information for these DAN professionals and your doctor in St. Louis?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  You can go online and look for DAN doctors under a search, and it will give you a list of all DAN doctors in the country. However, we must caution you. Some DAN doctors have the title after only going to one conference. The reason we chose the one we use is through consultation of other mothers and fathers, and she is an MD whose specialty is in autism. When you speak to this lady, she can walk the talk and is very intelligent when it comes to cellular intervention. Dr. Amy Davis, Crossing Back to Health, Chesterfield, MO 

firefighter16(Q)  my son is now 6 and he was a very early premie does ASD coinside with premies?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  I have not seen any evidence that makes the correlation. 

Kim_M(Q)  Does he have a "specific" curriculum being used in the home/school?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  In the CR area, we are very fortunate to have special ABA classes that are designed for these kids that we feel are probably one of the top in the nation. Intervention starts immediately. Hit your foot on the gas and get the car running. Do not wait. We use PECS. 

Jan(Q)  what behavior/actions made you suspect your son was autisic & at what age did you start noticing it.

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  At about 18 months Ethan started to regress. He had flapping hands, wandering eyes, didn't pay attention when we called his name, minimal eye contact. 
vicki(Q)  Besides the diet what other suppliments or treatments have you tried?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Ethan is currently taking MB12 shots every 3 days. He is also taking supplements, and we're detoxifying for heavy metals. 

firefighter16(Q)  my son was also on ALOT of antibiotics and on oxygen for a year what do I look for ,he seems normal to us but I think that is because we are his parents he is having a very tough time in school.

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Antibiotics clean the lower GI tract of all bacteria. In autistic children, you need a 4+ bacteria for the system to run properly. To help do so while on antibiotics, use a probiotic that you can buy at your local pharmacy right over the counter. Ask for the refrigerated kind. Good luck. 

peanuts(Q)  Hi, my daughter was recently diagnosed with Autism at 26 months. Can you tell me what support groups you belong to in this area?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Because we both work full time, we have relied more on talking with other parents on the phone or over the internet. I do know there are support groups in this area. The best thing to do is talk to Nancy Cale at Unlocking Autism and find a mentor Mom or Dad. The real heroes behind all this and the best information is from families that have already dealt with this for years. I would start there. 

Dawn_Young(Q)  Does your son have any other medical conditions, ie: seizures?
Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  No seizures as of yet.

JoeysMom(Q)  My son is now 11. I would like to know just how strongly the Martin's believe their son may have thermasol poisoning and if the DAN Dr. they are working with is willing to do detoxification for mercury?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We ran a tox screen on Ethan's metal toxins. His citric cycle on the cellular level indicates there are heavy metals present from environmental toxins. We are detoxifying Ethan right now by using activated liquid zeolite drops. 

peanuts(Q)  Is your ABA therapy through the AEA or private? What speech pathologists would you recommend in this area?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Our ABA is through Grant Wood AEA. The speech pathologists he has worked with have been excellent. We urge you to call Grant Wood AEA. 

marshajg(Q)  In what way are the MB12 shots suppose to help your child?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  In the cycle of an autistic child, on the cellular level, there are two levels in which there is an actual flow chart of the ways things are supposed to operate from organ to organ. There is a group of B12 vitamins present. Ethan is deficient in the B12, so he takes MB12. This is to help complete the loop (or missing link) so his cells communicate properly. 

Connie(Q)  Please contact Bonnie Dauterman.She can help you with many questions you may have. I will get you her email if you want. Her oldest son has autism and firmly believes in his diet as he acts more normal and uses less drugs when on the gluten free diet.

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Thanks for the information.

acupuncturemommy(Q)  You are on the right track with detox, nutritional supplements, GFCF diet and gut dysbiosis correction. My kids are so much better from these therapies (among other natural therapies) Keep up the work and great job getting the word out - so many parents and their kids need this info and need to know it is possible to get results this way!

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We've had a lot of advice and assistance from other parents, so we're just trying to offer the same to others. We still have a lot to learn ourselves. 

Jan(Q)  could you explain the 'flapping' of hands--I have a 2&1/2 yr old grandson that I am concerned about

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Ethan often runs around, seems VERY excited, and flaps his hands up and down. At first we thought it was cute, because he was always smiling as well. But eventually, along with the loss of speech, we knew there was something else going on. We first contacted Grant Wood AEA, and they came in and did an assessment. They are wonderful to work with. 

Tracey(Q)  Our 5 yr old son is potty trained but still will not have a bowel movement in the toilet - he requests a diaper. Do you have any suggestions?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  I'm sorry, but we're not quite there yet ourselves.  

Jan(Q)  If he is frustrated he will slack himself in the face, he does a hand maneuver that is like opening a door or turning like motion--is this considered 'flapping'? 

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  Ethan's is more like a very quick wave (as in waiving good-bye). But we have heard from other parents that some slap themselves simply in frustration as they have trouble trying to communicate or get across what they want when they are not verbal. Most are not trying to hurt themselves.

ivorysmom(Q)  I have stumbled onto a product called zeolite it removes heavy metals from the body and it's a 100% safe ....If interested it's at and it is by a company called could check it out sice your looking..

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We are using the activated liquid zeolite drops. 

slaydoc(Q)  This is more of a comment than question. I'm sorry you and your family have had to deal with the autism, however, I am absolutely convinced that vaccinations do cause autism, SIDS, asthma and many other conditions, it is time for the Rx companies to be held accountable for problems their poisons cause. It is no coincidence that 1:150 kids has autism. The Rx companies are convincing Americans to vaccinate/ poison our children at an alarming rate, only with the slant that we are bad parents if we don't vaccinate our children. A good book for all to read is "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor," by Robert Mendelsohn. 

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We have not read that book, but we definitely understand your comment.

Matthew(Q)  Does your insurance pay for the treatments?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  At this point, a lot is not covered, especially since the DAN doctor is out of state. Some of lab work is covered.

shawna(Q)  hi I have a daught that I would say act's like you son and my family Dr told me she was fine. I was wounding were you went to have you son cheak out 

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We talked to our doctor at about 20 months, and she thought he had expressive speech delay. We felt there was more at hand, so we contacted Grant Wood AEA, and they came to our home and did an assessment. We continued to talk to the pediatrician at 24 months, and so on. Grant Wood AEA thought there was a possibility of slight autism, and we eventually went to the University of Iowa and were given the official diagnosis.

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(P)  We'd like to thank our family, friends, Ethan's teachers, and KCRG (especially Claire Kellett and Becky O). This is truly a community effort of people that we know, and as Americans we need to be more involved in our environmental elements. This is key in leading a healthy life, both for autistic children and the world abroad. Thanks for all your interest and comments. Chris & Dawn Martin

acupuncturemommy(Q)  A must read to google: Autism: a novel form of mercury poisoning...this isn't the whole problem but it is very helpful in getting started in understanding the problem

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  thanks for the information

Marie(Q)  Mr. & Mrs. Martin first of all thank you for sharing your story and bringing even more awareness about autism. My name is marie and I have a 5yr. old autistic son. He does speak some now but he was late with everything since he was six weeks early. Our ? are where did you go for these tests. #2 What where some of the costs for them. #3 what where the results and what changes have you made? #4 How do you feel these changes have helped Ethan. Mrs. Martin you were very brave to go on tv. I would have cried the whole time. Good luck to you all and God Bless! Marie

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  we'll answer in the transcript 
(This answer will be added soon)

brent(Q)  does title 19 pickup portion of if ? As it is classified as a handicap?

Chris-and-Dawn-Martin(A)  We are still on the waiting list for the Ill & Handicap waiver. We are looking into the MR waiver.

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