'100 Years of Mexican Music'

Tequila 100 Anos opens photo exhibit

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Tequila 100 Anos pays tribute to Mexican pride and tradition with a unique exhibit that gathers singers, songwriters, and performers who contributed to make memories and leave a footprint on both Mexico's history and world history. Starting today, adult, legal purchase age Latinos in many U.S. cities will enjoy a free historic tour where talent and a love for Mexico -- values shared by both Mexican music and Tequila, the most popular Mexican drink -- meet.

"The '100 Years of Mexican Music' exhibit represents the immensely rich Mexican culture that -- just like Tequila 100 Anos -- is inspired by its roots and created with the passion and dedication of its people. We are proud to offer to Latinos and the overall community in the U.S., this musical retrospective together with Tequila 100 Anos which -- along with many of the artists featured in the exhibit -- has also become one of Mexicans' favorite drinks in this country", says Antonio Portillo, Brand Manager for Tequila 100 Anos.

Embracing the unique atmosphere of 1907 to 2007, original pictures of performers such as Agustin Lara, Pedro Infante, Lola Beltran, Los Lobos, Angelica Maria, among others.

"Mexican music transcends borders -- it is an extension of the cultural richness of the country represented by its diverse music genres," says Steven Loza, Professor of Ethnomusicology at UCLA, Adjunct Professor of Music at the University of New Mexico, and curator and spokesman of the exhibition. "'100 Years of Mexican Music' is a compilation of valuable performers and songwriters celebrating Mexico, one of the richest countries in the Americas, thanks to its history and tradition."

"100 years of Mexican Music" may be appreciated at the Westin Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas; at the Ford City Mall in Chicago, Ill; and in Los Angeles, Calif. at a venue to be confirmed soon.
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