Dubuque Man Fulfills Father's Wish with a Jar Full of Change

By Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - For most of us this is just pocket change. A quarter here and quarter there doesn't add up to much. Unless the coins reveal a little something about life.

Dubuque Fighting Saints President, Dan Lehv said, "I walked into the office and noticed this jar. An old Skippy Peanut Butter jar filled with coins."

That's how Tom Lippstock paid for his Dubuque Fighting Saints season tickets. Lippstock said, "it's a good deal, what you get when you go to the Saint's games, it's worth it."

Lippstock is a technology instructor at the McKesson Corporation in Dubuque. But when he's off the clock, he'd rather be at a hockey game with his dad, Merlin Lippstock. Merlin loved hockey and collecting coins.

Lippstock said, "for years he just took the quarters and stacked them inside of Skippy container peanut butter jars, nobody knew how much."

Before Merlin died this summer he gave Tom this jar with special instructions. Lippstock said, "he wanted us to pick what we wanted to do with it and do something fun with it."

A father's final lesson--spend your money wisely.

Lippstock said, " he would smile." A smile, worth every quarter.
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