New Evidence Delays Sentencing in Dubuque Kidnapping, Sexual Abuse Case

By Lauren DeWitt, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - New evidence has delayed the sentencing of a man convicted of kidnapping and sexual abuse in Dubuque.

In April, Scott Robinson was convicted of first degree kidnapping and second degree sexual abuse. Robinson was accused of holding a woman against her will in his apartment and forcing her to perform sex acts in October 2011.

The defense claims it has evidence that shows the victim admitted she made up the whole story. Defense attorneys filed the affidavit with the court on Wednesday.

According to defense attorneys, the evidence came from someone who said they talked to the victim last year outside of a bar. During their conversation the victim talked about demanding money or drugs from men. If the men didn't pay, she would threaten to tell police she had been raped. And when she did that, it worked.

The defense said this person came forward late in the case because they didn't realize who they were talking to in the bar last fall. Attorneys said they found it important to the case because the witness told a story similar to Scott Robinson's version of what happened.

The witness said the victim admitted that she was high when police came to Robinson's apartment. She was on probation at the time, so she stuck to her story about being raped to avoid getting in trouble.

Prosecutors won't comment on the filing and defense attorneys didn't return calls.

A court hearing has been scheduled for July 17th.
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