Dubuque Police Bust Motel Room Meth Lab

DUBUQUE, Iowa - Dubuque police busted a meth lab inside a motel room Thursday afternoon.

The bust forced everyone staying at the Glenview Motel on Rockdale Road to get out of their rooms.

Drug Task Force agents arrested Lianna Peters, 31, who was staying in the room they targeted.

Police arrested Peters at the Glenview Motel. They say when they opened her door they could smell the meth.

Investigators say they've known for a few weeks Peters was making meth and that she was staying at the Motel. Thursday afternoon they were able to catch her.

Inside agents recovered several key ingredients used to make the drug.

Take Force members say it appears Peters made meth in her hotel room within the past 24 hours.

Police say it's very dangerous to make meth, especially in public places.

Sgt. Dale Snyder of the Dubuque Drug Task Force said, "all of the processes used to manufacture meth no matter the method are all flammable. So they can start a fire and can cause health problems."

While police cleaned out the room they did not let any other guests in or out of the motel rooms.
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