Dubuque Pawn Shop Owner Sentenced to Prison


By Jay Knoll

MANCHESTER, Iowa - A Dubuque pawn shop owner will serve 25 years in prison.

On Tuesday, Michael Vandermillen pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of oxycodone and one count of on-going criminal activity.

Vandermillen believed the evidence was to strong, and changed his plea.

“I believe in my heart, there is enough evidence to convict me of that 25 year sentence based on true statements from people,” Vandermillen said.

The Dubuque Police Department has been building a case against Vandermillen for the past couple of years.

“This was not just something that fell into our laps, it took an incredible amount of work, and we wouldn’t have been here today if it wasn’t for the Dubuque Police Department,” said Chris Corken, Assistant Dubuque County Attorney.

In May, police arrested Vandermillen on theft, drug, weapons, prostitution and assault charges. Police say he had people steal items from other stores. Then he sold the stolen items at his pawn shop.
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