DUBUQUE, Iowa -- The cellmate of a Dubuque man on trial accused of first degree kidnapping and second degree sexual abuse took the stand Friday. Police said 34-year-old Scott Robinson tried raping a woman last October. Federal prisoner Levi Roe, an inmate at the Dubuque County Jail, has shared a bunk with Robinson. In court, Roe said Robinson shared several versions of what happened October 8th. Roe said, β€œI never really knew exactly which one because he told me 10 things. Sometimes he said things that were just crazy. ” Roe said in one story Robinson told him the alleged victim presented herself as a prostitute and she asked Robinson for money and drugs. Roe said, β€œHe was kind of breaking it down that if there was a problem and she needed to get away she could have gotten away. But she left and actually came back. ”