Layoffs at Rockwell Collins

By Justin Foss, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS - Today Rockwell Collins said it will lay off 300 workers by January. More than half of those cuts will happen here in Iowa.

The company plans to lay-off 100 workers in Cedar Rapids, plus another 75 at Rockwell Collins sites in Coralville, Manchester, Decorah and Bellevue. Most of the cuts in Cedar Rapids will be in the manufacturing arena.

"We're anticipating a decline in air travel and as you know, we make equipment for airlines, and also there are several government programs that have been delayed and that's had an impact on our business as well," said Pam Tvrdy, Rockwell Collins Spokeswoman.

Not all affected employees have been told of the cuts, Tvrdy says that will happen sometime between now and when the cuts take effect in January. The company says these are permanent cuts in an effort to reduce costs as the economy continues to slow.

"For the long term growth of our company, we've got to take action now and to manage so,me of the challenges we face ahead, and that's why this is necessary right now," said Tvrdy.

The cuts at Rockwell Collins are just the latest in a growing list eastern Iowa companies feeling the slowing economy. The Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce doesn't know how much more to expect.

"We're really in uncharted territory right now, between the flood and the national downturn, so no we really don't have a good way to predict how long it will last or when it will hit its worst," said Jen Neumann, Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

Although, they do say it will get worse before it gets better.

Just last week Rockwell Collins posted an 8 percent gain in revenue for the year. And, last September you might remember the company asked for 80 voluntary layoffs because of the strike with Boeing. On Monday, the company said those workers are expected to come back to work next month.

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