University of Dubuque Flight School Touts Training After Asiana Crash

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter

DUBUQUE, Iowa - News of the crash has rattled the aviation industry and has some wondering why a pilot with years of experience wasn't more familiar with the Boeing 777.

Instructors at the University of Dubuque's Aviation School say this crash is an example of why training is so important across plane models and say every pilot needs repetitive training on each and every single plane they fly.

The pre-flight inspection isn't exactly what University of Dubuque Aviation Student, Thomas O'Keefe pictured when he first dreamed of becoming a pilot, but he knows the routine is critical.

O'Keefe said, "If you love it, it never gets tedious. There is always something to work on. There is always something to do to be progressing yourself. "

Also critical is the several hundred hours of flying time the FAA requires before a pilot earns a license.

University of Dubuque Chief Flight Instructor Brett Hoben said, "It's that repetition. Doing things over and over again and just imprinting that into our mindset into our action. Developing that muscle memory takes time. "

Hoben says while flying a plane is routine, it's nothing like the proverbial "riding a bike".

Hoben said, "There's a lot of complex systems that need to be learned and memorized on a jet there are different speeds even between jets of that size and several differences in systems. "

O'Keefe said, "every pilot has that notion in the back of their head that something might happen to them and they might be "that guy" supposedly. "
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