Dubuque ACA supporters rally in final hours before GOP healthcare vote

Poll: Base erodes as Trump drops to new low scores

UPDATE: Reps. Blum, Young oppose healthcare bill

Grassley questions Supreme Court nominee at confirmation hearing

Sen. Grassley on Judge Gorsuch: 'He calls the shots the way they are'

Grassley: Gorsuch confirmation vote expected by April 10

Intel documents offer no evidence of spying on Trump Tower

Grassley: Current GOP Health Care bill wouldn't pass Senate

House Approves Autism Insurance Reform

Lawmakers hear impassioned pleas on both sides of gun bill

Trump releases tax info ahead of TV report

Pelosi calls for GOP to strip King of chairmanship

Confirmation hearing for Trump's labor pick now March 22

Rep. King's tweet called 'white nationalism'

Attorney general seeks resignations of 46 US attorneys

Rep. King weighs in on new healthcare bill

Poll shows Iowans like bottle deposit

Hawaii is 1st state to sue over new travel ban

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