Weather Water Cooler

This week’s weather is a classic wet pattern for June

Heavy rain is possible Monday night

How common are heat advisories in eastern Iowa?

Beyond the Weather: The solstice is coming

Nearly a full year of drought in southern Iowa

Minor flooding on parts of the Cedar and Wapsi

Severe storms possible late Saturday

Beyond the Weather: Venus, stars, and June’s supermoon

Heat Awareness Day: Know how to stay safe in summer's heat

Number of tornadoes in 2018 is running below average

Periods of storms coming, but more dry hours than not

Weather turns more active later this week

No mugginess to kick off the week

Coldest April followed by one of the warmest Mays on record

Beyond the Weather: June views

Cold front brings rain chance, cooler weather this weekend

Last weekend’s heat was the earliest in more than 80 years

Temperature inside cars heats up surprisingly fast

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