Weather Water Cooler

Thawing out before late-weekend rain

Winter season so far rated as “average” to “severe”

A warming trend is on the way

The latest round of cold weather is about to leave

Lake-effect snow season waning

Eastern Iowa snowfall totals

Cold wind chills and blowing snow continue

Accumulating snow Sunday afternoon and evening

Snow has a big effect on temperatures

The chill is back, and so is snow on Sunday

Beyond the Weather: Using Orion as a star finder

Snow ends, but cold temperatures will keep travel tricky

Blizzard warnings are most frequent in northwestern Iowa

Messy on Thursday as temperatures free-fall

Fog is most common in January

Fog, drizzle, and a temperature free-fall

Melting weather may lead to midweek drizzle

Why we’re watching for frosty roads this weekend

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