Sessions fires former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

'Fetal heartbeat' could have legal ramifications

Democratic gubernatorial candidates to debate in May

Congresswoman Kaptur set to break record, becoming longest serving woman in U.S. House

Grassley says something needs to be done to make schools safer

Two senate lawmakers running for majority leader

Justice Department proposes banning rapid-fire bump stocks

Hubbell says Iowa can do better when it comes to education

Former Cedar Rapids mayor calls for debate with Iowa governor

Grassley co-writes letter asking for help for parents addicted to opioids

Iowa delegation urges Trump to not impose tariffs in letter

Businesswoman to challenge Rep. Loebsack for Iowa seat in Congress

May tells Trump of Britain's 'deep concern' UPDATE

Grassley looking for answers after Northey vote

Trump to discuss Florida school shooting with governors

Paul Ryan: 'We're going to win' despite midterm challenges

Democratic intelligence memo released with redactions

Woodbury Courthouse-Guns Iowa county returns ban on guns in courthouse

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