Republican senator asserts Trump did not say 's---hole'

Reynolds reinforces 2018 goals while Democrats rally outside

Blum: Tax law changes already working

Iowa Congressman defending president's description of developing countries

King supports president's signing of act to keep opioids out of U.S.

Bill would bar Iowa officials from working as foreign agents

Reynolds delivers first ‘Condition of the State’

UPDATE: Iowa GOP returns to statehouse for ‘chapter two’

Mayor Corbett leaves legacy of development and flood protection

Minimum wage increase proves beneficial for county

Whistleblowers worry about intel ombudsman put on leave

Iowa family speaks in Washington D.C. in support of tax overhaul

State supports new county supervisor district map

Net neutrality supporters protest repeal in front of Cedar Rapids Verizon dealer

As reconciliation begins, Iowa senators shore up support for tax reform

Grassley "dropped" from Tax Reform committee

Tweet: No final decision on Franken resignation

Trump to nominate economics professor to Federal Reserve

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