'Flood Them with Love' Information

Dear Friend,


Flood Them With Love has raised over $30,000 in cash, gift cards and vouchers to help flood victims.  We have also distributed tens of thousands of dollars in furniture and household items to over 70 individuals and helped with medical aid, legal issues and the confusing, never-ending paperwork.

Did you know that 5,390 homes were damaged or destroyed in last June’s flood, displacing over 18,600 people?  Many remain out of their homes and approximately 1,300 homes are going to be torn down.  The highest FEMA award is $28,800.  Many families did not receive close to that amount.  Imagine trying to completely rebuild and refurnish your home for that money, including all electrical and plumbing, building supplies and household items, from furniture to dishes to clothing, sheets, towels, kitchen supplies and so on….it is not possible.  Our neighbors are suffering.  You can help them!  Please consider a generous donation to Flood Them With Love.  100% OF YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL GO DIRECTLY TO FLOOD FAMILIES.  We are intentionally NOT non-profit and your gift is not tax deductible.  (Families cannot be taxed for our "gifts from friends.")  You may contribute in many ways:


Cash and gift cards:  Families need money for food, utility bills, clothing, medicine, gas, etc.  Gift cards, especially from Target and Hy-Vee have proved to help many families.  Checks may be made out to Karla Goettel (please write "Flood Them with Love" in the memo line) and mailed to:  PMB # 102, 162 Colllins Rd. NE– Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

There are also several drop boxes for cash and/or gift cards, located at: 

Ogden & Adams Lumber:  144 32nd St. Dr. SE

Bills’ Bros. Furniture:  308 8th Ave. SE

Pierson’s Flower Shop and Greenhouses:  1800 Ellis Blvd. NW

Carver Ace Hardware:  3825 Center Point Rd. NE

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café:  3220 Armar Dr.-Marion

1st Presbyterian Church:  310 5th St. SE

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church:  8300 C Ave. NE-Marion

Direct contributions:  You may send a check directly to Ogden & Adams Lumber for our building supplies fund or to Bill’s Bros. Furniture for our furniture fund.  Please write "Flood Them With Love" in the memo line.


 Furniture and household items:  These need to be in new or very gently used condition.  It is very helpful if you can send a digital photo of furniture to goettel@mchsi.com.  Our "virtual furniture store" saves a lot of time and effort matching up needs with what is available.


Your time and talents:  We need people with trucks to help move furniture.  We need attorneys and individuals with construction expertise.  We need YOU to clean out your basement, your kitchen cupboards and your linen closets and find items in good condition you are not using.

For $1000-$2000 we can adopt a new family.  After the initial cash needs are met we can determine other immediate needs and network most of those.  Please make a contribution today that will help your neighbors resume their lives.  I have personally met families that lived through our long and very cold winter without a furnace or water heater, families with children who desperately need our help.  I hope that each day you will ask yourself, "What have I done to help a flood survivor?"  If we all pitch in we can truly make a difference!  THANK YOU.



                                                     Karla Goettel, founder, FLOOD THEM WITH LOVE

Questions?  Call Karla @ 366-4217


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