Marijuana Themed Business Celebrates “420″ With a Dressing Chugging Contest

By Mark Carlson, Reporter

From Left: Josh Foxen of Luxemburg, Iowa, Chris Schulte of IowaCity, Iowa, Hanna Wiesmayer of Elk Grove, Ill., Aaron Wells of Iowa City, Chris St. Peter of Carroll, Iowa, and Jeremi (cq) Walker of Iowa City prepare to chug 24 ounces of ranch dressing during a chugging contest as part of CHeBA HUT's 4/20 Party on Wednesday, April 20, 2011, in Iowa City, Iowa. Foxen was the winner, finishing 24 ounces of the marijuana-themed sandwich shop's signature ranch dressing in about 17 seconds. (Jim Slosiarek/SourceMedia Group News)


By Aaron Hepker

IOWA CITY, Iowa - A University of Iowa Student successfully drank 24 ounces of ranch dressing in just 16 seconds. Josh Foxen won the first ever ”Ranch Chugging Contest” at Cheba Hut Toasted Subs in Iowa City.

“Number one man, ranch chugging, can’t beat it, question mark,” Foxen said while in a daze after his win.

Foxen was one of ten contestants to attempt the challenge. The Contest was part of a bigger “420″ celebration. April 20 (or 4-20) is unofficially recognized by marijuana smokers as a holiday.

“To me it’s a day to chill out with some friends and eat some food,” said Tyler Luetkehans, one of about 20 spectators at Wednesday’s event.

“They were insanely fast, it was so thick (the dressing), and I kept trying to swallow it, and it wasn’t working very well,” said Jeremy Walker, a contestant who didn’t get very far before Foxen was declared the winner.

Many spectators were surprised that no one threw-up the dressing, but perhaps the most surprising thing was that most contestants said they would do it again.

“There’s always next year,” said Walker.
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