Newbo City Market Vendors Move Out in Anticipation of Flooding


By Ellen Kurt

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - The Newbo City Market sits pretty much empty as vendors moved their goods out of the building to prepare for flooding. Vendors met and made that decision early Thursday.

Some just moved out supplies while others tore out cabinets and shelving units. For many, their Newbo shops are start-up business and owners can't afford to lose anything.

"It's really hard. We had to really ... we kept real calm this morning, and you can't do anything but keep calm or you are not going to make progress," Teresa Pinkerton, That Cupcake Place owner, said.

The executive director says the flood level for the market is 18.37 feet. With a river crest forecasted at nearly 20 feet, that could mean some water on the property.

They're not sure exactly how much would that would be, but they say no matter what happens, they'll be back in business as soon as possible.

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