Flooding Causes Problems for Property Owners

By Jill Kasparie, Reporter


By Ryan Jones

IOWA CITY, Iowa - The flooding scene didn't just unfold outside for some homeowners, but inside as well.

One by one, neighbors in the Creekside Neighborhood on the east side of the city discovered water in the basements, and one by one they shared their stories.

"When I came home, I found a lot of my neighbors outside really upset," Katie Roche said. "Their basements were flooding; they didn't feel like there was anything they could do about it."

This was the first time water had seeped into Roche's basement.

"Our wood floors are buckling, water is squirting out from beneath them," Roche said.

Just across the street, Paul Schuchert also has his hands full.

He pumped seventeen inches of water out of his basement.

"That's not good," said Roche as she looked at Schuchert's basement.

He has, however, gone through this clean-up process before.

"We've learned our lesson with that," Schuchert said. "We have spent the money and raised the water heater and furnace off the ground. We don't keep anything down there for now."

Neighbors said Ralston Creek often overflows during heavy rain events. It floods the nearby park, carries water across the roads and leaves the ground saturated. Homeowners said that soggy ground creates the mess in their basements.

People living near the creek always weather the storm together. On this Wednesday night, they're hoping the rain stops and the neighborhood flooding does too.

"Something needs to be done, for sure," Schuchert said.

The city public works director said projects in the 80s helped the neighborhood's flooding situation, but right now no projects are in the works for that area.

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