Officials: Edgewood Road Bridge Still Open Friday Morning

The collector well on Edgewood Road is one of four collector wells for Cedar Rapids, and was the only well saved during the flood of 2008. Photographed on Monday, May 6, 2013. (Liz Martin/The Gazette-KCRG)


By Aaron Hepker

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Officials with the city of Cedar Rapids had said Thursday that Ellis Road will likely close at Edgewood Road NW, meaning the Edgewood Road Bridge would be closed to traffic.

The Cedar River did not rise as fast as expected and the bridge remains open Friday morning.

Here's the press release from the city from Thursday:

In anticipation of rising Cedar River levels, Cedar Rapids Public Works crews began last week implementing the approved strategic response plan for flood situations. Activities include staging 20 pumps, installing 18 plugs, placing 10,000 sandbags, building one earthen berm behind the Police Department and one along the Sinclair property in the 1500 block of 2nd St SE, and closing flood valves at preplanned locations adjacent to the river. Over the next 24 hours crews will build earthen berms at the entrance to the landfill on A St. SW and at the intersection of Ellis Lane NW and Ellis Blvd NW, they will also install 30 concrete barrels in storm inlets.

Based on forecast river levels, it is expected Ely Road at Old River Road will close during evening hours today. During the overnight hours, it is likely that Ellis Road at Edgewood will close, meaning the Edgewood Rd. bridge will not be available for travel. Also overnight, 1st Street SW will have flood mitigation devices in the travel lanes which may cause closures or localized water ponding on the roadway. Closures and times are tentative and may change based on actual river levels. All citizens should expect road closures and arrange travel plans accordingly. Localized water ponding may occur due to plugs placed in storm water structures. Motorists should never drive on roads that are covered with water and should stay out of flooded areas.

The Cedar Rapids Utilities Department continues to monitor the river levels closely. Given the current river level prediction of 19.8, the Cedar Rapids Water Division operations should not be affected. The Water Division, which saw impacts from the 2008 Flood has since raised the height of 43 vertical wells by 5- 10 feet and raised the electrical equipment in 2 collector wells, providing an added level of security for our drinking water system during this flood event.

The Cedar Rapids Water Pollution Control Facility is seeing increased flows to the plant as rain water enters the sewer system through inflow and infiltration. The facility can process up to 136 million gallons per day and is currently seeing flows of 100 million gallons per day. The Cedar Rapids Water Pollution Control Facility will continue to modify operations to respond to the situation. If the amount of wastewater entering the plant exceeds 136 million gallons per day, sewer backups may occur.

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