Cedar Rapids Encourages Residents to Prepare for Possible Evacuations

By Heather Hubbs, Reporter

The Cedar River in downtown Cedar Rapids on Thursday, May 30, 2013. (KCRG/The Gazette)


By Aaron Hepker

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Officials in Cedar Rapids are warning residents to be prepared in case of evacuations due to the rising Cedar River.

In a statement released Thursday night Cedar Rapids police encouraged residents who live in low lying areas, that have previously experienced flooding, to prepare for possible evacuations.

Here is that statement:

The City of Cedar Rapids is encouraging residents to be prepared. If you live in a low lying area that has previously experienced flooding, plan how you will safely leave your home and have your valuables prepared to leave quickly. The City of Cedar Rapids is monitoring this fluid situation and will give as much notice of evacuations as possible. Citizens are encouraged to prepare, rather than to react, for an evacuation.

Examples of low lying areas that are encouraged to prepare for a potential evacuation include: NewBo, Time Check, Rompot, and the Czech Village areas. The homes on Ellis Rd west of Edgewood Rd NW were informed that their properties would be inaccessible on Friday morning.

Citizens may also learn of updates to Flood Alerts at the City’s website at www.cedar-rapids.org. There is a “Flood Alert” in red and orange at the top of the page.

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